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MGK acquires brand from Piedmont Animal Health

July 18, 2019 By
Minneapolis, Minn.-based MGK executed a purchase agreement to acquire the Flynexx brand assets from North Carolina-based Piedmont Animal Health. Read more»

Green pest control solutions

July 17, 2019 By
Product manufacturers share what’s new — and their forecasts for 2019-2025. We spoke with 11 industry suppliers to discuss strategies, products and equipment for pest management professionals (PMPs) who want to “go green,” and what environmentally friendly trends are on... Read more»

MGK: Decimari Fly Bait

June 30, 2019 By
The days of a secondary insect growth regulator (IGR) applications for fly control are gone, as Decimari is the first fly bait on the market that includes two modes of action, clothianidin and pyriproxyfen. Decimari can be used indoors and... Read more»
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Industry suppliers share bed bug product insights

June 9, 2019 By
We spoke with industry suppliers to take the pulse of what is available — and soon to be available — for bed bug management. Read more»

Meet the 2019 PMP Growth Summit Partners

May 14, 2019 By
The third-annual PMP Growth Summit introduced Boardroom Presentations to give attendees a thumbnail view of the pest control solutions each Partner had to offer. Read more»

Use Google Earth for mosquito services

May 14, 2019 By
Once you have a location address, use Google Earth to view the landscape and any nearby water before starting mosquito services at a property. Read more»
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Understand wasp life cycles to educate customer

April 26, 2019 By
Be conscious of the season or time of year when a customer notifies you they have a wasp in their home. Many species of social Hymenoptera, including paper wasps and yellowjackets, spend the winter as mated queens. If it is... Read more»

How to determine the extent of a cockroach infestation

April 16, 2019 By
Having trouble assessing the infestation level? Inspection aerosols are useful tools to locate and flush out cockroaches from harborage areas that are not easily accessible. Think broadly, and do not restrict inspection to just well-known areas such as kitchens and... Read more»
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Bug Off: MGK Bed Bug Workshop

April 10, 2019 By
Presented by MGK’s Brian Cooney, “Bed Bugs: What’s the Latest?” will provide attendees with an update of new research and a demonstration of cutting-edge tools. Attendees must register in advance; no at-door registration will be provided. It will take place... Read more»
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MGK: NyGuard Plus Flea & Tick Premise Spray

March 26, 2019 By
Give customers an additional service for free: Treat for fleas and ticks on carpets, furniture and floors, plus eliminate pet odors and leave a clean, fresh scent. NyGuard Plus is an easy-to-use aerosol with no-drip technology. It kills fleas and... Read more»
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