Rodent control equipment trends to try


February 1, 2017

Jeff McGovern, Consultant, Pest Barrier

Jeff McGovern, Consultant, Pest Barrier

When performing a rodent site evaluation, try using an action camera for documentation. Attached to extension poles, placed on the ground or reached into areas, a camera offers different angles and views that uncover problems. You’re safe, yet still getting a clear visual that can be shared with the client.

There also are two rodent control equipment trends worth noting:

  1. Magnetic trap frames and bait stations are secured to metal construction framing, racking and pipes with magnetic grips that eliminate the need for other fastening processes. They can be effective at any angle, even upside down.
  2. Another great invention for rodent work is the exterior-style rodent boxes that can be set with a simple tug and checked at a glance with a flashlight. No damaged fingers or aching backs!


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