Experts share unusual WDI, WDO encounters


March 14, 2017

What unusual wood-destroying insect/organism (WDI/WDO) situation have you encountered? Two Pest Management Professional contributors weigh in:

Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy

“In 1967, we worked on a Formosan termite problem in New Orleans, before we, as an industry, knew what we were dealing with in subterranean termite control. It was a [U.S. Housing & Urban Development, or] HUD structure. We had replaced several of the first-level door casings and six months later, the replacements were destroyed again. This then led to the French Quarter program and later, Operation Full Stop.”

Doug Mampe

Dr. Doug Mampe

“Drywood termites were brought back from Mexico in a wooden statue. They bored from the statue and into a shelf, and then into the wall. The wall had to be opened up and the wooden studs treated with a borate.”

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