Cockroach exclusion, sanitation and treatment options


March 22, 2017

Marie Knox, Director of Product Development, Control Solutions Inc.

Marie Knox, Director of Product Development, Control Solutions Inc.

Not all cockroach problems are the same, but here are a few tips and tricks covering exclusion and sanitation options to help manage cockroaches and communication with your customers:

  • Caulk penetrations in walls (especially exterior) and around other entry points such as windows and doors.
  • Reduce areas that are attractive to cockroaches by removing rotting leaves and excessive mulch buildup, thus limiting the moist areas in and around a structure.
  • Encourage frequent and regular removal of garbage from the structure to a location away from it.
  • Encourage proper interior and exterior sanitation practices, including kitchen and bathroom cleanup, preventing food from spoiling or remaining on countertops or floors, preventing dishes from piling up in the sink, etc. Keeping clutter inside and outside of a structure to a minimum also is helpful.

As for treatment options, I suggest:

  • Residual sprays (nonrepellent and/or repellent products, depending on the application site) applied inside and around the perimeter of an infested structure.
  • Flushing agents and physically removing large portions of a population with vacuums before applying residuals and placing baits.
  • Baits (gel and granular) can be extremely effective to control cockroach populations.

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