Termite inspections: Identify conducive conditions


June 7, 2017

 Dr. Bob Davis, Technical Specialist, BASF

Dr. Bob Davis, Technical Specialist, BASF

A focus of subterranean termite inspections should be on identifying conducive conditions. These can include wood-to-ground contact, excessive moisture (poor drainage and/or water leaks) and access points. Also look for:

  • Formboards left in place.
  • Debris under and around the structure.
  • Footing too low or soil line too high.
  • Excessive mulch along and over the foundation.
  • Landscaping timbers, stumps and tree roots along the foundation.
  • Insufficient clearance in crawlspaces.
  • Expansion joints or cracks in slabs, bath traps, shower pan drains and other plumbing penetrations.

A careful inspection of the interior and exterior for such conditions can help professionals find activity and provide excellent service.

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Dr. Bob Davis is market development specialist at BASF Pest Control Solutions.

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