Web Exclusive: Tools to help manage digital photos

The Scherzinger Face Off column that appears on p. 78 of Pest Management Professional’s August 2017 print issue focused on digital photography. Brothers Eric and Kurt debated the use of apps designed to better manage the digital photographs Scherzinger Termite & Pest Control technicians take to document pests and conducive conditions during service calls.

Eric and Kurt Scherzinger

Eric (in foreground) and Kurt Scherzinger use apps and other online tools to manage digital photographs.

Following are tools the Scherzingers have used or explored:

GoGetQuality – lets you provide pre-notification with a picture, and send pictures to the customer. The free mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

ACES for Business – allows pre-notification with a picture of the technician. Learn more at the ACES for Business website.

ServSuite – ability to take pictures and send and/or attach them to the account for the customer to view through the customer portal. Check out the ServicePro website for additional information.

Expensify – takes pictures of your receipts and adds them to a database so you can sort your expenses versus managing paper receipts. Watch a demo to see how it works.

Jing – lets you take an image and draw on it to show where there are problems/issues. Check out tutorials or download for free.

Which apps do you use to manage digital photographs? Weigh in by commenting below.


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