Bed bugs’ name can be misconstrued

|  September 13, 2017

Jeff McGovern, Consultant, Pest Barrier

One of the biggest problems with bed bugs is their name. Consumers associate the problem with their bed or one they recently occupied. After all, that’s where the bugs attack us, right? Even pest management professionals (PMPs) get pulled into the bedroom, missing other infested areas.

Approach clients with the question, “Where do you spend your time?” Once they answer, follow that with “Show me.” Bed bugs now become lounger bugs, kitchen chair bugs, dining room table bugs, playhouse bugs, or even car or SUV bugs.

We must assess and evaluate the places people spend most of their time. If they never use the bed in the bedroom, sleeping instead in their favorite recliner every night, the insects will stay close to their food source. Talk to the client; find the distribution of the people using the space — and you’ll find the bed bugs in the same places.

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