Mosquito management: Correct conducive conditions


October 4, 2017

Thomas Best, President, Mosquito and Cooling Systems LLC

Eliminate all mosquito-breeding sites on the property. Mosquitoes do not travel long distances, so if you’re able to eliminate the active breeding sites and places they like to live on the property, there will be a dramatic reduction in the mosquito population. Obviously, I suggest using a mosquito misting system — but the systems will only be able to live up to their full potentials if homeowners are willing to do their part to correct conducive conditions (or pay you to correct the conditions for them).

Some of the most common conditions include checking and cleaning gutters and drainage pipes for proper drainage, taking care to not overwater landscaping, and removing excess leaves and debris from around the property, particularly underneath decks.


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Thomas Best is president of Mosquito and Cooling Systems LLC.

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