Tips for using interceptors for bed bug services


November 22, 2017

Crystal Giberson, Director of Public Relations, BedBug Central

Have you used interceptors for bed bug services, but aren’t getting results? These tips might help:

  • While “under-the-leg” interceptors are designed for use under the legs of furniture, they also will capture bugs when placed on the floor next to beds and couches.
  • Thoroughly clean your interceptors every four weeks with a microfiber cloth. Dust and debris can otherwise accumulate, allowing bed bugs to escape.
  • Try adding an active bed bug lure to increase the catch rate of any interceptor or glue board.
  • Research from the University of Florida found bed bugs are attracted to darker colors, so consider that factor as you place your interceptors.
  • Research conducted at Rutgers University shows placing interceptors in locations away from beds can help you find bed bugs occurring in unusual places.

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