6 tips for ant management success


January 10, 2018

Here are just a few recommendations I have for ant management success:

Alan Bernard, Founder and Entomologist, Innovative Pest Control Products

  • Have the proper inspection tools — including flashlight, screwdriver and mirror — as well as sweet and protein baits (without toxicant) to pre-bait.
  • Talk to the customer, when possible, to identify where ants are active.
  • Inspect outdoors to identify ant trails and conditions conducive to ant infestation. Focus on moisture areas, breaks in masonry, rotting wood, plantings that attract aphids and scales near the structure.
  • Place pre-baits on window sills and entryways to the structure.
  • Inspect indoors, using two hands (to move things) and a screwdriver and/or a mirror to inspect hard-to-reach places.
  • Identify the ants that are causing the problem. Use your knowledge of each ant species to develop a plan using all the tools in your ant management toolbox. Seek out the nest whenever possible; use baits when the nest can’t be located.


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