Effective bed bug solutions the past decade taught PMPs


March 14, 2018

Steve Goscinsky, Technical Representative, Ensystex

Bed bugs have been in the forefront of the pest management industry for over a decade. While we continue to learn how to effectively deal with this pest, there are some basics that the past decade has taught us. I was introduced to servicing for this pest in 2006. What I have found to be effective can be summed up as follows:

1. Like all pests, a thorough inspection is a must.

Bed bugs can be anywhere in a room. I’ve even found them behind pictures hanging on a wall. Become familiar with identifying all stages of the life cycle, including eggs. Clutter can make servicing extremely difficult, and must always be considered when inspecting and pricing a job.

2. Effective treatment methods are plentiful these days.

If you are looking for quick knockdown, consider adding a synergized pyrethrin concentrate (SC) to your tank mix. The application of a dust following the application of a dual active liquid SC should be considered. Some companies will apply dust as standard procedure following the application of a liquid SC.

Fumigation is fast and extremely effective. Many licensed fumigators typically will work for a non-licensed company under contract.

The same applies to using heat as a non-chemical method, but keep in mind you must be able to achieve at least 130°F. Be sure the area treated will retain the heat, and there is nothing present that might be damaged by the prolonged high temperature.


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