VPMA takes a LEAP


April 10, 2018

VPMA LEAPThe Virginia Pest Management Association (VPMA) has released the application for its inaugural Leadership Enrichment Action Program (LEAP).

This new and innovative learning opportunity will provide participants with a fresh take on leadership skills that can be put to immediate use in any size company, department or even in one’s personal life. The entire three-part program, which begins in November 2018 and concludes in May 2019, covers Personal & Team Leadership; Organizational Leadership and a Leadership Implementation Toolbox. Each session includes advanced thinking around ideas such as:

• Understanding Behaviors, Influence, Communications and Strengths

• Developing Strategic Thinking, Strategies, Objectives and Action Planning

• Leading Innovation, Decision Making and Driving Change

Sessions are fast-paced, with numerous individual and group break-out exercises to ensure the workshop is interactive. This inspires real-life application of the content and encourages group learning, the VPMA says in a press release, noting that the program is modeled on a similar one hosted by the Georgia Pest Control Association (GPCA).

The application process includes a complete application including employer permission, one letter of recommendation and a resume; followed by a phone interview with the selection committee. Deadline to submit the application is Aug. 1, 2018. For more information and an application, call the executive office at 877-875-8722 or email vpma@cox.net.


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