Q&A: Why service technicians should look professional


April 12, 2018

Why is it important for pest control service technicians to look professional?

Dr. Austin Frishman: “It’s for the same reason a medical doctor wears a clean lab coat and a basketball coach wears a suit and tie: If you want respect, look the part.”

Dr. Doug Mampe: “Usually, the customer only sees the service technician. The customer’s impression of the company is based solely on the appearance and professionalism of the technician.”

Pete Schopen: “It’s a matter of trust. If a tech looks sloppy, then the client’s perception is that he or she will provide sloppy or poor service.”


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  1. Looking professional extends to the equipment you carry into an account. If you’re using a cheap plastic sprayer from a DIY store, you’re sending a DIY message to your customer. And wow! What about PMP websites that feature a company using cheap plastic DIY sprayers right on their website? What message are you sending a potential customer?