McCloud shares remote monitoring research, insights


May 31, 2018

McCloud Services logoFrom new research, McCloud Services released a case study with insights on remote monitoring for rodent control. The field-tested research dives into the progress being made with monitoring systems and what it means for the future of the food and pest management industries. As technology evolves, pest management professionals (PMPs) are finding ways to effectively use remote monitoring systems to predict pest behaviors and understand the causes of why a pest may be present.

Patricia Hottel, BCE, technical director of McCloud Services, said, “As remote monitoring systems continue to evolve to offer more measurements and monitoring of different pests, the pest management industry will utilize this technology even more to strengthen the level of expertise offered in the industry.” McCloud serves facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and Wisconsin.

The case study, “Remote Monitoring for Rodent Control,” explores two types of remote monitoring systems. The research reveals insights in these key areas:

  • Root cause analysis – Site conditions can change before a technician returns for the regularly scheduled check up, so having sensor alerts can help capture real-time data and increase the PMP’s investigative abilities with getting to the source of the problem.
  • Challenges with access – Difficult to access areas are monitored more efficiently and safely with remote monitoring systems by reducing the need to get special access with keys and dismantling building components in order to set traps.
  • Human impact disturbances – Remote monitoring methods can decrease the chance of humans interfering with traps because PMPs are alerted immediately and can make a decision to adjust or switch a trapping strategy for better rodent control.

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