How to gain control over occasional invaders


June 4, 2018

Ants, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs and termites. Chances are you are well-trained to control these pests, which probably make up the majority of your customer calls.

Stink Bugs

Control of occasional invaders like these stink bugs may be elusive and frustrating. Learn how to identify and manage these pests, and prevent future infestations. Photo: Mark Sheperdigian

What about stink bugs, lady beetles, boxelder bugs, and earwigs? You’ve probably received more customer calls regarding these pests lately. Do you know how to best manage them?

After all, occasional invaders enter structures suddenly and unexpectedly. When conditions outdoors become unfavorable, these pests find their way indoors. Avoid frustrating callbacks by learning how to manage occasional invaders.

If you’re looking for answers to questions like — Why are they coming indoors? Why is control so challenging? Will altering environmental conditions aid in management? – don’t miss The Outsiders: Tips for ID and Control of Occasional Invaders Part 2, a free 60-minute webinar scheduled for Thursday, June 7. Too busy that day? All registrants will receive a link after the webinar takes place and can attend at their leisure.

Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, technical services manager, Control Solutions Inc., will offer her expertise on occasional invaders. She will:

  • Explain which occasional invaders commonly infest structures.
  • Discuss how to best manage these pests.
  • Examine pests that commonly infest structures and create challenges for pest management professionals (PMPs).
  • Offer tips and tricks for identification and control.

If you missed Part 1 of The Outsiders webinar, it’s not too late to find out how to focus your control efforts on these pests. Register now to hear Dr. Reed:

  • Explain what makes a pest an occasional invader.
  • Share sources and causes of infestations.
  • Clarify why different control methods are necessary.
  • Break down why these pests often are a symptom of a different problem.
  • Offer eight steps for effective management.

You can gain control over occasional invaders, one of the most challenging groups of pests, much to the relief of your frustrated customers. Register now to learn how.

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