Bearded dragon found sunbathing near University of Wisconsin dorms


June 7, 2018

bearded dragon

Photo: Hans/

Summer is the time where students get a few months off to enjoy the sunshine and good weather. After students at the University of Wisconsin had moved off campus, staff were surprised to find another visitor enjoying the summer weather on campus.

Outside Bascom Hall, a foot-long bearded dragon was found sunbathing on a rock, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The lizard species is native to Australia and is a popular exotic pet.

It’s unknown if the bearded dragon belonged to a student living in the dorms on campus since no one has come forward to claim it. The lizard is currently taking up residence with the university’s wildlife control person, Richard Ness, who will care for the creature in the short term.

The university posted on Twitter, and even Craigslist, looking for the owner.

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