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Spiders can jump how far? Posted on 19 Jul 2018 in the Crawling the Web & Pest Talk & Spiders categories.

Humans can jump pretty far, but spiders can jump even farther to catch their prey. According to ValueWalk, some spider species hunt by jumping on their prey instead of spinning... Read more»

Mosquitoes, midges pester players during a World Cup match Posted on 05 Jul 2018 in the Crawling the Web & featured & Mosquitoes categories.

Players and fans during a world cup match had to battle with clouds of insects at a Russian arena. Read more»

Pest Rangers president shares industry insights Posted on 03 Jul 2018 in the featured video categories.

Jeff King, president of Pest Rangers, discusses attracting and retaining top talent and technology trends. Hear his thoughts on 2018’s problematic pest. This video was filmed at the 2018 PMP... Read more»

The future of preserving insects: 3-D scanners Posted on 21 Jun 2018 in the Crawling the Web & Technical categories.

Insect biodiversity has been dropping in recent decades, which causes an issue when documenting the diversity of insects for pest management professionals looking to see how insects evolve to combat... Read more»

Bearded dragon found sunbathing near University of Wisconsin dorms Posted on 07 Jun 2018 in the Crawling the Web & Pest Talk & Wildlife categories.

A foot-long bearded dragon was found sunbathing on a rock at the University of Wisconsin this spring. Read more»