4 main groups of stored product pests to know


September 20, 2018

Dr. Chris Keefer Headshot

Dr. Chris Keefer, Technical Services Representative, Syngenta Professional Pest Management

To create an effective integrated pest management (IPM) plan for stored product pests (SPP), it’s important to distinguish among the biology, behavior and feeding habits of four main groups: internal feeders, external feeders, scavengers and secondary pests.

⦁ Inspect individual packages of grains and cereals, which can be potential harborages. Dispose of infested material immediately.

⦁ Use pheromone traps, which can help locate and determine the density of the infestation.

⦁ If necessary, use a non-residual aerosol (labeled for use in food storage areas) to flush out flying SPP.


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