Rodent control: Latest technological inventions for effective outcomes


October 15, 2018

Editor’s Note: What follows is Take Care Termite & Pest Control’s Raymond Web’s explanation of some recent technology advancements to help PMPs with rodent control.

Constant research and innovation in the pest control industry have revolutionized the way this industry functions and delivers. The latest technological advancements can help reduce the environmental impact of the pest control methods and can prove to be more economically rewarding in the long run.

Rodent control is widespread and one of the most common problems that pest management professionals (PMPs) deal with across the world. Rodents are hard to track and even more difficult to control, given their agile nature. However, with some of the latest innovations, PMPs can control these pests with more accuracy and efficiency.

PMPs can now track and record rodent activity with a precise date, time, location and even species. This helps track trends, create a history log, establish seasonal risk for a specific property and draw a customized and accurate plan. The 24/7 automated reporting allows a faster response time with instant notifications to skilled technicians who can easily identify and treat the source of infestation in most of the cases.

Listed below are some of the latest technological inventions which promise effective outcomes when dealing with rodents. Let’s take a look:

Technology for Treating Rodent Infestations

1. Electronic remote sensor technology – Electronic remote sensor technology, or electronic remote monitoring systems, are gaining popularity in rodent control. The system is comprised of electronic monitors that attach to mouse traps. The monitors are battery-operated sensors which gather data. The PMP gets instant notifications when a rodent is caught, when the batteries must be replaced or even if the monitor is damaged or stops functioning. It saves PMPs a lot of time and effort by not needing to frequently inspect traps placed in hard-to-reach places. They can even customize the way they receive these notifications. For instance, they can choose the frequency of the alerts, delivery via text or email. They can continuously monitor the battery strength and get notifications when a battery-related issue occurs.

Pest management companies often designate a dedicated pest management professional to receive and act on the notifications received. This is a more convenient and effective approach when dealing with rodents.

2. Motion-activated remote camera technology – Tracking these stealthy pests can be really demanding as it requires a lot of time and effort. The motion-activated remote cameras are really clever and only activate and begin filming when their highly sensitive sensors pick up movement in their specific field of vision.These are one of the most useful devices for tracking rodents. Some more sophisticated models have night vision. These devices help you track the entry, journey and exit of rodents.

Also, with the help of cameras equipped with infrared technology, technicians are able to determine rodent behavior. The infrared camera is designed to see surface-level infrared radiation and is very sensitive. When properly adjusted, they can sense and locate heat sources which otherwise would go unnoticed.

These cameras are used in buildings where it’s relatively dry and cool. With this technology the PMPs are able to save time on inspection and develop a more fail-safe plan which is customized as per the nature of the infestation, which gives more effective and efficient results.

3. Ultrasonic technology – This technology has been around for quite some time in the pest management industry. Over the past few years, it has seen immense improvement. The ultrasonic deterrent devices emit a sound undetectable by humans. The pressure and frequency of this emitted sound drives mice and rats away and is also used to supplement the traditional mechanical rodent control devices and outdoor baiting. In addition to exterior baiting using tamper-proof bait stations, these ultrasonic deterrents can create a buffer of sound surrounding your facility and help keep the rodents out.

The technological inventions described above help the pest management professionals track, handle and control rodent and other pest infestations with more accuracy than ever before. Besides, they are equally effective in commercial as well as residential properties.


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