Consider safety first when treating for stinging insects


November 20, 2018

Casey Prewitt, Neogen

Casey Prewitt, Sales Manager, Professional Pest Management, Neogen

When the topic of stinging insects comes up, the first thoughts from most people are about which products they are going to use to take care of the issue. My first thoughts are about how I am going to treat them safely and efficiently. No, I’m not worried about the wasps or yellowjackets — I’m worried about your technicians!

The first two questions that come to mind is where are they located, and can I reach them from the ground or is treatment going to require a ladder? The answers allow me to evaluate whether it is safe to use an aerosol product, which could possibly stain an exterior siding, or a dust. It also helps me determine whether a small stepladder and pole applicator with one technician can handle the job — or if an extension ladder and additional technicians will be needed for safety purposes.

Most stinging insect jobs are simple, but the safety of your technicians should be the most important factor to consider when completing them. Does your company require ladder safety training? Do you have a protocol for treating elevated insect problems? If you don’t, consider putting together training that will not only reduce injuries in the future, but also protect your technicians and show that you care about their safety.

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