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December 12, 2018



As mentioned in my December Off the Cuff column, Pest Management Professional magazine (PMP) has reinstated an editorial advisory board. We appointed 11 professionals who are experts in various facets of the industry to a one-year tenure in which they will answer a variety of questions for us each month. We’ll also lean on them to provide feedback from the field — feeding us story ideas, critiquing our issues, and sharing insights on industry trends. We hope each of them sees themselves as a magazine ambassador in the field, as well.

Of course, we welcome feedback from all of our readers. But for 2019 and beyond, we formalized the process. Introducing the members of our 2019 editorial advisory board:

Daniel Baldwin, Senior Scientist, Yum! Brands: Dan was an attendee of our 2018 PMP Growth Summit, and a valued participant during the time he spent with us. We think his insights into what’s going on specifically in the commercial fast-food pest control arena, on both a macro and micro scale, will be very beneficial to our readers.

Dr. Gary Bennett, Professor and Coordinator of the Urban Pest Management Center, Purdue University: Gary, a member of the PMP Hall of Fame (Class of 2006), is a 50-year mainstay in this industry. As a co-author (with fellow PMP Hall of Famer Dr. Bobby Corrigan, Class of 2008) of several editions of the Truman’s Guide to Pest Management Operations, he keeps his finger on the pulse not only of cutting-edge research, but also changes in taxonomy, treatment technique and more. All this, while never forgetting the importance of established, factual industry knowledge as well. And did we mention he came from a PMP family, so he knows the crawlspace as well as the lab?

Judy Black, BCE, VP of Technical Services, Rentokil Steritech: Judy has been in the industry for more than three decades, and today oversees a team of entomologists and technical experts that support Rentokil Steritech’s field service team across North America. As a past president of Pi Chi Omega, among many other groups with which she is actively involved, Judy has been extremely helpful and insightful to our team on both the technical and historical fronts, and trendspotting as well.

Ryan Bradbury, President, Viking Termite & Pest Control: Ryan, son of PMP Hall of Famer Ed Bradbury (Class of 2014), has built a career that he jokes “began at birth.” But he also shepherded the family-built, Bridgewater, N.J-based business through the process of being acquired by Swedish-based Anticimex in July 2017, and today ensures it keeps its quality and identity while building on best practices from the new owners. The two-time PMP Growth Summit attendee is also heavily involved in the New Jersey Pest Management Association, serving on its board of directors.

Michael Broder, President, BHB Pest Elimination: Mike, a second-generation PMP, took his dad’s New York City-based business and “kicked it up a notch,” so to speak. The two-time PMP Growth Summit attendee has since made two company acquisitions, and is looking to grow even more in 2019 — all while maintaining that small-company personal touch.

Doug Foster, President, Burt’s Pest Control: Doug earned his entomology degree from Purdue University, bought a company in his hometown of Columbus, Ind., and has been enjoying his career ever since. He attended our 2018 PMP Growth Summit, sharing tips from his decades of experience of managing 11 employees in a Midwestern market. He has also long been a go-to for our editorial team when we want to get a pest trend insight on nearly any pest — so in a way, he’s been on our board way before there was a board.

Kim Kelley-Tunis, Quality Assurance and Claims Director, Rollins Inc.: Profiled in PMP’s December 2017 Women in Pest Management issue, Kim is an active participant in a variety of industry groups, all geared toward making the industry even more trained, professional and worker-friendly. Her insights, 30 years of pest management experience, and collaborative approach made her a great addition to our board.

Brian Lunsford, Co-owner and President, Inspect-All Services: Brian and his brother, Brandon, purchased their father’s Atlanta, Ga.-based company in 2006. Within 10 years, they had grown it by 3,000 percent. Even better, Brian is very open about sharing what makes his company tick, in the spirit of “a rising tide lifts all boats.” We know our readers can benefit from such a savvy, forward-thinking attitude.

Dr. Faith Oi, Associate Extension Scientist, Urban Entomology, University of Florida: Faith is profiled in our December 2018 Women in Pest Management issue, and with good reason — not only is she in demand as a technical speaker at industry events, and knowledgeable on an entire host of various pests, but she is also director of Florida’s School Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, in which she trains and coordinates programs for school districts across the state.

Ken Unger, President, Suburban Pest Control: Ken, who attended our PMP Growth Summit in 2018, is a third-generation PMP who “came to help my parents with the business in 1996, and never left.” His leadership at the Yonkers, N.Y.-based firm, as well as the dynamics of having grown up in the industry and mapping out a course for his future, will serve us well in many business and technical topics to come.

Mary Vongas, President, ChemTec Pest Control: Mary, who attended our PMP Growth Summit in 2018, was also profiled in our December 2017 “Women in Pest Management” issue. Formerly in the cable industry, Mary took the business lessons she learned there and applied it to her pest control work.


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