4 tips to build your bird business


December 16, 2018

Tasheena Dillingham, President and CEO, Avitrol

Tasheena Dillingham, President and CEO, Avitrol

Winter is comingand with it comes large infestations of starlings and other migrating flocks of birds. These large infestations can leave entire industries reeling from sudden influxes of disease-carrying pests, and create a lot of opportunity for you to provide a vital service that protects human health and safety. Here are four tips to help you build your bird business:

  1. Cold call on bird infestations you spotted when driving by.
  2. Reach out to existing bird accounts to see whether they have additional issues this season.
  3. Follow up on past, unclosed proposals to see whether this season’s influx of birds propels them to action.
  4. For existing accounts that may have balked at past quotes for bird services, provide a side-by-side bid, offering up to three different treatment options for their site at different price points (net, spike and baiting, for example).

’Tis the season of opportunity! Happy hunting!

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