Use IPM to recommend solutions


January 28, 2019

James Rodriguez Headshot

James Rodriguez, ACE, Technical Director, J.T. Eaton & Co.

Flying insect control can be challenging because of the wide variety of pests, but a technician should always be prepared to recommend a solution. To do this, the technician should know the type of insect and whether it’s possible to control.

Focusing on integrated pest management (IPM) methods, solutions may be as simple as knowing which light bulbs are being used for outdoor lighting and knowing how capture devices work. Here are two tips to help:

  • Minimize or eliminate the use of incandescent bulbs, which attract a wide range of insects. Instead, use LED warm-color bulbs, which are less attractive to most flying insects — with the exception of the regions where stink bugs are an issue.
  • Employ capture devices designed to attract flying insects. The key to success is to ensure the devices are maintained regularly.


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