PPMA: Relaunched website


March 6, 2019



The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) has unveiled several design upgrades to its exclusive subscription website, PPMAMainframe.org. Mainframe is a digital marketing service available to pest management companies actively investing in consumer education programs and initiatives powered by PPMA. It gives companies access to ready-made, professionally designed social media and digital content, as well as advertising, direct mail and public relations materials specifically created for pest management companies to help grow their businesses. To create a more user-friendly experience, the site now features a responsive design, allowing users to access materials by computer, tablet or mobile device and to search and sort through files more easily with enhanced navigation features. Mainframe also offers users the ability to preview photo and video content directly on the platform before downloading the assets. The new PPMAMainframe.org is largely organized into two main sections: The Customizable Materials section is where pest management companies can find professional marketing assets such as high-resolution photography and video, ready-to-post social media content, campaign toolkits, press release templates and advertisements that can be branded with a company’s own logo and contact information. The second section, Learning Resources, is where companies can discover important marketing trends, exclusive consumer research and how-to tutorials. These tutorials include insights on how to build a marketing plan, manage online reviews and effectively use social media, among other topics. New materials are added every month.


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