Vehicles drive opportunity


March 9, 2019



Like it or not, your vehicles are an extension of your company brand. Because they include your company name, logo and contact information — and if they don’t, they should — it pays to be aware of where, and how, they are driven and parked.

The pest management professionals (PMPs) featured in our cover story this month know how important vehicles are to their businesses.

Darren and Dee Gooch, owners of Zoellner Exterminating in Catoosa, Okla., are like most business owners who never miss an opportunity to promote their brands. They know their rides stand out and attract the attention of prospective customers in need of pest control. Even their personal modes of transportation — like the Jeep pictured on this month’s cover — are designed to promote the company.

At the same time, the Gooches give back to their community through an off-roading club for Jeep enthusiasts. “We’re spending half of the money to fill our tanks compared to what we were spending just last year,” Darren says. They drive their Jeep proudly to help raise funds for people in need.

“We’ve actually gained a lot of business from the Jeep being out on the trails,” Dee says. Turns out, keeping a supply of business cards in the console helps drive sales.

Read the cover story, “Use your vehicles to help drive revenue


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