Learn variety of fly species to develop treatment program


March 11, 2019

Ada Wilson, VP of Sales, Nature-Cide

Ada Wilson, VP of Sales, Nature-Cide

Filth flies are tricky business. Arming yourself with knowledge is the first strategic line of defense. Learning about the variety of species in this category — from house flies to blow flies to bottle flies to flesh flies — will help you develop a treatment program.

A thorough inspection is mandatory for any filth fly infestation, but do not limit your inspection to areas where adults are seen flying around. Monitor all suspect areas, including cracks and crevices. Here are two more tips:

  1. Use painter’s tape over large cracks, and tape up gaps under appliances down to floor level. After a couple of hours (or days), remove the tape: If there are filth flies located in those areas, they will stick to the tape. This will help you identify the insect as well as a breeding harborage.
  2. The same holds true for floor drains: Coat the inside of a clear plastic cup with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. For larger drains, use a clear plastic food storage container. Place the cup or container over the floor drains, and any emerging flies will get stuck inside it. This, too, will help you identify which filth fly program you will need to implement.


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Ada Wilson, VP of Sales, Nature-Cide

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