Nisus adds business development manager


March 13, 2019

Mark Manning. PHOTO: NISUS CORP.

Mark Manning. PHOTO: NISUS CORP.

Nisus Corp., a manufacturer of wood preservatives and pest control products, brings on Dr. Mark Manning as its new business development manager.

Dr. Manning is an expert in borates as biocides for engineered wood products.

“I’m excited to be joining Nisus Corp., an organization that is expanding its efforts into research and development in support of new applications and preservative systems at a time when most other organizations are reducing their resources in these areas that are critical to supporting the growth of our customers,” says Dr. Manning. “I’m looking forward to working once again with my former colleague Dr. Jeff Lloyd as well as the rest of the Nisus team.”

Dr. Manning holds a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles and worked with U.S. Borax for almost 30 years. This experience in borates and their use in wood preservation and material protection makes him an expert in the field.

Additionally, he led the commercial development of the use of zinc borate as a preservative treatment for engineered wood products such as oriented strand board and laminated strand lumber, and is considered an authority on the preservative treatment of wood composites.

“Nisus continues to meet the growing needs of our customers. As the industry evolves, we are rapidly becoming a resource for professionals around the globe and want to further position ourselves as industry leaders in boron and copper products. We are impressed with Dr. Manning’s expertise and pleased he is part of the team that will make those plans happen,” says Kevin L. Kirkland, president and CEO of Nisus Corp.


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