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World Pest Day to be held June 6 Posted on 05 Jun 2020 in the News categories.

June 6 is World Pest Day, a multinational event established to raise awareness among the public, government and media about the pest management industry. Read more»

Cats USA deploys ContraPest in Los Angeles Posted on 12 Sep 2019 in the News categories.

Los Angeles, Calif., will begin implementing SenesTech Inc.'s ContraPest solution in its current integrated pest management (IPM) programs. Read more»

Rockwell earns patent for ant bait Posted on 06 Sep 2019 in the News categories.

The United States Patent Office issued patent number 10,398,141 to Rockwell Labs for the company’s invention entitled “breakable non-flowing gel bait.” Read more»

Bees are omnivores, new research shows Posted on 05 Sep 2019 in the News categories.

Contrary to the belief that bees eat just nectar and pollen, a team of scientists has shown that bee larvae have a taste for "microbial meat."  Read more»

Mosquito salivary glands curb spread of malaria parasites Posted on 05 Sep 2019 in the News categories.

Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists say they have discovered that malaria-causing parasites are stopped by a roadblock in mosquitoes' spit glands. Read more»

HOSPECO celebrates 100-year milestone Posted on 29 Aug 2019 in the News categories.

Founded in 1919, HOSPECO provides personal care, cleaning and protective products to the janitorial supply, healthcare, hospitality and foodservice markets. Read more»

NPMA’s Mosquito Multiplier displays breeding power of mosquitoes Posted on 28 Aug 2019 in the News categories.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is educating consumers about mosquitoes with the results of its new video project – Mosquito Multiplier. Read more»

Douglas Products adds field scientist Posted on 27 Aug 2019 in the News categories.

Dr. Jennifer Gordon joined Douglas Products as a field scientist to support pest management companies using Vikane and ProFume gas fumigants. Read more»

Bayer adds three to marketing team Posted on 21 Aug 2019 in the News categories.

Bayer's Pest Management & Public Health business — part of the company’s Environmental Science unit — appointed three new members of the marketing team. Read more»

Terminix recognizes World Mosquito Day Posted on 20 Aug 2019 in the News categories.

In recognition of the World Mosquito Day, Terminix released its 2019 ranking of the country’s Top 50 cities most infested with mosquitoes. Read more»