Educate customers for successful ant management


March 31, 2019

James Rodriguez Headshot

James Rodriguez, ACE, Technical Director, J.T. Eaton & Co.

You arrive at the property, conduct your inspection, and start explaining to your customer why they see ants everywhere. Your explanation falls on deaf ears. Controlling food and water sources, pet food left out on the back porch, fruit that’s fallen from trees, all mean nothing to them — they just want the ants dead.

Sound familiar? One tip to help get your customer’s attention involves pointing out and explaining construction issues that are conducive to ants getting into their home, including:

  • Soil touching the bottom flashing of a structure, known as a faulty grade.
  • Tree roots from live or dead trees abutting the foundation.
  • Areas of puddling water abutting the building.
  • Hollow block walls abutting the building.
  • Trees and bushes touching the building.

Most of these areas can be treated effectively by dusting the nearby voids with a residual insecticide. However, just as important to your long-term success will be your customer correcting the conducive conditions noted above. Good luck.


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