Overcome cockroach pesticide resistance


April 18, 2019

Human beings have a long history of dealing with cockroaches, including pesticide use. Populations of cockroaches, ever the survivalists, can adapt and even build up a resistance to certain pesticides over time. Here are some tips to overcome cockroach pesticide resistance.

Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE Research Entomologist, Rockwell Laboratories

Dr. Jamel Sandidge, BCE, Research Entomologist, Rockwell Laboratories

To combat the ongoing challenges of cockroach pesticide resistance:

  • Consider using multiple baits during applications with different modes of action.
  • Ensure that any liquid application applied alongside baits also represents an entirely different mode of action than the baits you are using.

For cockroach clean-out treatments:

  • Consider vacuuming to physically remove as many cockroaches as possible, along with using a potent knockdown bait. This not only reduces cockroach populations quickly, it also removes food sources, dirt and allergens associated with cockroach infestations. This therefore reduces the amount of bait needed.

Follow up on the initial cleanout with continued sanitation and pest prevention:

  • When organic buildup (scum) is found in drains, floor tiles, or on or under equipment, apply microbial biosanitation products to clean and reduce the buildup.
  • If sewer and drain scum becomes a chronic issue, try a slow-dissolving botanical block that releases repellent essential oil vapors.
  • Don’t forget about cockroaches hiding in voids, hard-to-reach crevices, and outside. Using a desiccant (such as silica) or a granular bait in these areas can greatly reduce the chances of cockroach survival.

May you enjoy a cockroach-free season!

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