Weed Man offers mosquito control


April 18, 2019

Weed-man-logoWeed Man — a network of locally owned and operated lawn care businesses providing fertilization, weed control and integrated pest management services — has added mosquito control to its offerings.

Administered by trained service technicians, Weed Man’s mosquito control service uses specialized equipment to target mosquitoes. The new offering comes with a guarantee to reduce mosquito populations, according to a press release. Weed Man is currently releasing marketing materials for this service, and select franchise locations will be implementing the mosquito control this season.

“The Weed Man promise has always been to treat every lawn as if it was our own, so we have been working hard to roll out this new service to continue being our customer’s first choice for a healthy, pest-free lawn worth enjoying,” says Weed Man COO Jennifer Lemcke. “Our franchisees have matched our enthusiasm, and consumers will soon start to see the offering available to them.”

Weed Man was named one of the Fastest-Growing Franchises by Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list, earning the No. 59 spot in 2019. The company now has 21 pest management and lawn care offerings, including mosquito control, weed control service, bermudagrass control, crabgrass control, white grub removal, fire ant management, flea and tick control, lawn disease control, dalliasgrass control, lawn fertilization, lawn seeding, mechanical core aeration, mole control services, moss control, nutsedge control, organic lawn dressing service, a prevention program for white grubs, soil pH control, soil revitalizer, surface insect control and vegetation control.

Weed Man was founded in 1970 and started franchising in 1976. Weed Man now supports franchisees in more than 675 territories across North America.


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