Terminix ant farm breaks Guinness World Record


April 29, 2019

Logo: TerminixTerminix Service Inc. unveiled the new official Guinness World Records’ largest ant farm at Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, N.C, in celebration of Arthropod Day.

The record-breaking ant farm, measuring 4-feet long by 3-feet high by 3-inches wide, will serve as a temporary educational exhibit, exploring the natural tunneling of ants and their behaviors.

“We’re delighted to partner with Discovery Place on what promises to deliver a memorable experience for visitors of all ages,” says Terminix Technical Director Kevin Hathorne, BCE. “As pest management professionals, we want to help people learn about insects and how they impact the world around us.”

The record-breaking exhibit is located on the first floor of Discovery Place Science and features the ant farm habitat along with an interactive “ant scale” that computes participants’ weight in ants. The ant farm includes 300 Western Harvester ants in ant gel to maximize observation and isĀ on display through May 11.

“This is yet another special event in which we are able to share the amazing capabilities of insects and their value in our everyday lives,” says Juliann Chavez, director of public experiences at Discovery Place Science. “Ants are a valuable part of our world. They are important for soil aeration, seed dispersal and are a food source for a lot of other animals due to their abundance in nature. We are excited to showcase the wonderful world of ants and watch a world record be broken at the same time.”

A video preview of the ant farm is available here.


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