WorkWave releases survey


May 1, 2019


WorkWave, a provider of software solutions for the field service and delivery industries, released its State of Pest Control Technology 2019 survey report, which identifies the business opportunities and challenges pest control companies face today.

Growing and expanding their organizations rank top of mind, but pest companies report they still struggle to focus on this due to increased challenges managing field technicians and the need to meet new customer demands.

“As a SaaS software provider that has been solving the business needs of pest control companies for over 30 years, it is essential to understand the challenges that our customers are facing daily,” says Marne Martin, CEO of WorkWave, in a press release. “This report dives into the current state of the industry, providing pest control companies with an understanding of how they benchmark against their peers, and how to stay ahead of their competition.”

Key survey findings include:

  • Increased revenue and growth are top of mind: With 79 percent of respondents putting the need to increase revenue as their top focus for 2019, pest control companies realize the need to grow to remain competitive. However, many are struggling to execute in two main areas that trigger this growth – new customer acquisition and expanding revenue from existing clients.
  • Customer experience is key as consumer expectations change: 67 percent of respondents identified delivering best-in-class customer experience as a top business goal for 2019, just behind increasing revenue.
  • Technology can help with technician turnover: 74 percent of pest control organizations struggle to recruit and train new technical talent. Optimizing internal processes can help maximize efficiency when bandwidth might be tight across the organization and can help streamline new technician onboarding.

Based on these findings, the report identifies how to benchmark performance – starting with what business challenges are hindering growth – how to evaluate current technology solutions and their effect on customer experience, as well as how to look for solutions that can simplify the job for new technicians.

Access WorkWave’s full report to see how your pest control operation benchmarks against your peers.


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