Pestec adopts ContraPest for rat control


May 13, 2019

LOGO: SENESTECH INC.San Francisco, Calif.-based Pestec added SenesTech Inc.’s ContraPest solution to its integrated pest management program for use in popular locations within the San Francisco Bay area. SenesTech develops technologies for managing animal pest populations through fertility control.

“San Francisco is a hub of culture, commerce and biodiversity,” says Luis Agurto, president and CEO of Pestec, in a press release. “The conditions that drive this vibrancy are the same conditions that drive all life, including rats. Our challenge as protectors of public health and property and being stewards of the environment is to find the right balance. We are very excited to deploy new innovative measures that protect people and pets and minimize the potential for unintended consequences to the environment.”

Pestec plans to implement ContraPest in rodent-challenged locations of the city. By using ContraPest, Pestec aims to control rat populations in a sustainable and long-term fashion for its clients. One of these clients, Recology at Pier 96, is a resource recovery recycling facility that aims to minimize the amount of waste within San Francisco.

“Our client’s primary concern is protecting the health and safety [of] their staff and meeting their quality control requirements,” continues Agurto. “However, businesses love when they have the option to choose better pest management outcomes and less harm to the environment.”

“SenesTech is gratified that Pestec has adopted ContraPest as a tool to humanely and effectively manage rat populations within the Bay Area,”┬ásay Co-Founders Dr. Cheryl Dyer, chief research officer, and Dr. Loretta Mayer, CEO, in a press release.┬áSenesTech works with numerous wildlife and environmental groups that aim to limit the amount of toxins in the environment. Pestec’s forward-thinking rodent management programs offer solutions that environmentally conscious clients such as these desire.”


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