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May 28, 2019

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The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) is undertaking a strategic search for a new management team, after a nearly six-year tenure with Cooper Coron & Associates (CCA) as its association management company.

“With professional service, expert management vision and a very personal touch, CCA has helped bring NWCOA from a small trade association with 450 members to a nationally recognized authority on wildlife control training and industry development with 900 members,” says Charles Holt, NWCOA president, in a press release.

Andrea and Kristin Coron, principals with CCA, began their work with NWCOA in August 2013. In the ensuing time, the Corons learned a lot about the wildlife control industry and worked their way into the heart of the organization.

“NWCOA’s sharp growth has really increased the management needs beyond the capacity of our company,” explains Andrea Coron, CCA president and NWCOA executive director, in a press release. “It has been hugely rewarding to work with the great people who lead and those who are members of NWCOA. We will really miss this organization. We are very proud of the role that we’ve played in NWCOA’s growth over the last 5.75 years.”

In addition to membership growth, NWCOA has experienced growth in its training department in both the number of certification courses available and the frequency of their presentation. With the hiring of Gregg Schumaker as training coordinator, three new courses have been developed, and the organization has quadrupled the number of training events it provides.

“The financial stability and strength cultivated under the watchful eye of CCA’s financial management has positioned NWCOA to capitalize on the momentum built over the last three years and continue the exponential growth in our training opportunities,” comments Chris Lunn, NWCOA treasurer, in a press release.

A request for proposals outlining the management needs has been published and is available here. Proposals from either individuals or association management companies are being reviewed now. The review will continue until an appropriate candidate is found. For more information, please call the executive office at 540-374-5600.


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