10 tips for mosquito prevention


June 4, 2019

Headshot: Dr. Stan Cope

Dr. Stan Cope, VP, Technical Products and Services, Catchmaster

Here are 10 timely tips to make it tougher for mosquitoes to establish at your accounts this season:

  1. Search thoroughly for, and remove or cover, anything that can hold water.
  2. Remove, cover or drill holes in used tires. Drill so the water completely drains. Do the same with a tire swing.
  3. Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers. Ensure that lids for garbage cans are in good repair.
  4. Beware of items such as buckets, wheelbarrows and recycling containers that have a “lip” when flipped over. The lip will collect water and organic matter — enough to welcome a new generation of mosquitoes — in just five to seven days.
  5. Clean clogged gutters.
  6. Check that all windows, screens and doors are tight-fitting and in good repair.
  7. Scrub birdbaths thoroughly with a brush to remove mosquito eggs.
  8. Cover in-ground drains with hardware cloth to prevent mosquito breeding.
  9. Fill in low-lying areas where water regularly collects and remains.
  10. Inspect and remove water from tarps or plastic used to cover items.

More: Watch these videos of Dr. Stan Cope give presentations at the New York Pest Expo.


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