PPMA site educates kids about pests


July 25, 2019

As kids across the country prepare to head back to the classroom, the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association, is working to ease the transition for parents, teachers and students.

Logo courtesy of PPMA

Logo: PPMA

The organization’s children’s website, PestWorldForKids.org, offers educational resources and materials that make learning easy and enjoyable. The interactive and educational website offers a safe and fun learning environment with materials for students from pre-K to eighth grade.

“As pest management professionals, we’re all aware of the importance of education, especially when it comes to the exotic and expansive world of bugs and insects. By incorporating pest-related topics into early education, we can help familiarize students with pest behaviors and biology so they understand what makes a particular insect a pest once it comes indoors,” says PPMA executive director Cindy Mannes. “Utilizing the resources available on PestWorldForKids.org, parents can create a classroom in their own backyard with Critters Crafts and Pest Guides, while teachers can bolster their fall curriculum with bug-focused lesson plans and science fair kits.”

Categorized by grade level, the resources on PestWorldForKids.org introduce students to the world of pests in a fun and exciting way. All educational materials on the website support education standards from the National Science Teaching Association and National Council of Teachers of English, and new materials are regularly added to the site.

An exclusive “PestWorld for Kids” website badge is available for Mainframe subscribers to download on PPMAMainframe.org. Subscribers can add the badge to their company website to showcase their affiliation and support for science education this upcoming school year.


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