PestWorld 2019 committee meeting roundup


October 15, 2019


The NPMA Fumigation Committee met to discuss upcoming regulation changes. PHOTO: DANIELLE PESTA

The QualityPro Board of Directors met at PestWorld 2019 on Oct. 15. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, QualityPro was founded to increase professionalism in the pest management industry by settings standards for companies and their employees through education, training and certification.

Secretary Andrew Feldstein, Assured Environments, called the meeting to order and for meeting minute approvals from the past meetings on June 29, 2019 and August 27, 2019.

There are currently 506 QualityPro accredited companies and 86 in the application phase. Of the 506 accredited companies, 480 are in the United States making up 3 percent of pest management companies. Since July, 13 companies have applied for QualityPro accreditation.

Photo courtesy of Cindy Mannes

Cindy Mannes

To better promote the QualityPro brand, there is a goal to increase Facebook page likes from 1660 to 2000 and to gain more than 200 additional followers on Twitter. A QualityPro LinkedIn page will be launching. The social media branding is aimed at increasing page views and referrals to the website and the application page.

Kevin Lemasters, EnviroPest, was elected to the QualityPro Board of Directors at the meeting on June 29.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Fumigation Committee held a meeting during PestWorld 2019 on Oct. 15. The committee addresses policies and issues related to fumigation. The group works to promote the importance of fumigation and provide information to fumigators.

During the meeting, the staff shared fumigation-related educational sessions happening at PestWorld. Billy Smith, deputy director, Pesticide Re-evaluation Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), shared an update.


ABC Pest Control’s Bobby Jenkins, a PMP columnist, addresses his fellow PPMA board members. PHOTO: DANIELLE PESTA

The Professional Pest Management Association (PPMA) Board of Directors meeting was held Oct. 15 at PestWorld 2019.

Cindy Mannes, PPMA executive director and the NPMA VP of public affairs, shared updates on the association’s social media and website metrics. had a record-breaking 6 million new visits in 2019. The PPMA’s social media had 7 million impressions in 2019.

The PPMA launched the “Will they eat it?” campaign with Dr. Michael Bently, an NPMA entomologist and director of training and education. The content brought in 1.3 million impressions and nearly 10,000 engagements across all PestWorld social media accounts. The videos are presented in six sessions and have received 400,000 total views.

Another initiative the PPMA launched in 2019 was the Mosquito Multiplier. It is a video simulation of mosquito breeding grounds to warn homeowners of potential hotspots in their yard. The campaign brought in more than 5 millions media impressions and more than 23,000 total views across all related Facebook videos.

Dr. Jim Fredericks, PHOTO: National Pest Management Association

Dr. Jim Fredericks

At the NPMA Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Committee meeting, Rick Bell, Arrow Exterminators, shared research and testing about spray foam insulation and termite control. He shared concerns and efforts from pest management professionals.

Dr. Jim Fredericks, VP, technical and regulatory affairs for the NPMA, shared an update on the NPMA 33 distribution, training and outreach. He also shared spray foam insulation next steps with a discussion on do’s and don’ts.


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