PestRoutes, Lobster Marketing Group detail partnership success


October 29, 2019

Patrick McKittrick, CEO of PestRoutes, and Ross Mawhinney, CEO of Lobster Marketing Group, share details about their partnership. Their goal is to help pest control companies run a better business, as well as drive new customers.

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ROSS: Hi, I am Ross Mawhinney, CEO of Lobster Marketing Group.

PATRICK: And hi, I’m Patrick McKittrick CEO of PestRoutes. We’re thrilled to share some of the advancements that we’ve made on the PestRoutes platform as well as our integration with Lobster Marketing Group. It’s been a great show for us at PestRoutes.

We’re excited to highlight some of the new features and functions that we put out for our customers. A couple of big advancements on our side … so we just announced our California termite solution. So we actually have totally rethought how pest control companies deal with California termite regulations and reporting. So we actually have released that functionality as a part of our core platform. It includes both a desktop side and a mobile side for technicians out in the field.

So now pest control companies in California can complete all of their termite work through a single platform without having to integrate into a legacy termite provider. So that’s been really exciting.

We’ve also rethought our mobile application. So we’ve completely refactored our core mobile application for technicians out in the field and we’re working on a refactor of our SalesRoutes platform, which is the platform that door-to-door sales teams use out in the field. Along with that we just continue to advance the platform and go deeper into very specific areas of pest control so that we can branch out beyond just plain residential pest control companies. So we’ve added significant functionality on the commercial side, so now pest control companies, who do any manner of commercial pest control, can do all of that within PestRoutes, complete all the trend reporting and have all of their commercial needs met. We’ve also done some additional advancements to our multi-unit functionality.

So we just continue to work toward advancing technology and pest control and strive to serve all different manners of pest control companies and along with that end of our final thing is that we’ve worked with the Lobster Marketing team to really deepen our integration.

We started a partnership about a year ago that we announced, and we’ve now been able to take that and you know on the back end, do some integrations which can provide a lot more value to to pest control companies that are joint clients of Lobster Marketing Group and PestRoutes. So Ross, maybe you want to tell everybody about what we’ve done and what you guys have done on your side.

ROSS: Sounds great, yeah so last year, when we came to PestWorld, we brought integrated websites over for the first time. Connecting the front end, the interactions with the customers, with the back end, through things like integrated portals the leads flowing directly into PestRoutes, and then the primary focus being on by pest control online and the ability to buy pest control directly from your website, have it automatically scheduled, set up the recurring contracts and account rated within PestRoutes. This year, coming back, we’ve worked hard to deepen that integration like Patrick said, and we’ve done a couple of things: the first one is we’ve launched what is Local SEO and that allows us to sell the pest control directly from your Google My Business listing so you can click right on the appointments link in the Google My Business listing and go through the process of buying pest control there. We can do that for anybody regardless of whether we are managing their website for them or not. And then the second piece is that after last year, being able to connect the front end to the back end, we wanted to be able to display the data. So we want to be able to say you know, ‘What are you actually getting for your marketing dollars? What is the return that you’re getting?’ So that we could move forward a relationship of trust based on facts.

And so this year we’ve launched the marketing portal and so in that marketing portal you can now do things like see you know what happened to those leads, how did they convert, what type of customer did they become, how valuable are those customers and then ultimately see true ROI. So that’s, you know, been the really exciting thing for for this show so far. Yeah so we’ve really loved the partnership and I think for us that PestRoutes one of the real differentiators is, there’s lots of folks around the show who attempt to to help pest control companies run a better business, we want to be the best at helping pest control companies run a better business, but also be the best at helping them drive new business because everyone’s out you know to grow and acquire new customers and then measure that profitability, which is you know there’s other folks out who will help you drive leads and form fills. But we think together, we’re the only ones who can actually help you drive new customers and be able to show you how to … right at a glance, the ROI on your marketing spend without having to go into you know Google Analytics and then a call tracking metrics and then a CRM you can do that all from the portal, which though we’ve worked on together which has been really great.

PATRICK: So yeah, I would love to show everybody what we’ve got. Feel free to reach out be it on the Pest Routes or Lobster Marketing Group websites, and we’d love to get in touch with you and give you a demo.

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