5 benefits of using mobile tech in pest control


November 6, 2019



Smartphones, tablets, cloud-based networks, apps and printers — does your pest control firm have them? If so, are you using them to their full capabilities? If the answer to either of these questions is no, you might want to change your mind sooner than later, as each can deliver measurable value to your business in at least five ways:

1. Flexibility and freedom

Mobile technology has the power to give technicians highly valued flexibility and freedom, boosting job satisfaction. By deploying internet-enabled devices in conjunction with wireless mobile printers, they can quickly and easily print a broad range of high-resolution invoices, receipts and label instructions, as well as special offers and compliance documents. Documents can be printed virtually anywhere, anytime, from nearly any device — making customer transactions a breeze.

Mobile technology also can free technicians from the wasted time and errors of handwritten, paper-based customer transactions. The printers you select should be compact and lightweight, yet rugged enough to withstand all types of environments. A long battery life also is important. Many of today’s mobile printers can be carried in a backpack, hooked on a belt or mounted in a vehicle, yet still have the ability to produce full-page documents.

2. Real-time productivity

Capitalizing on mobile technology to send and receive data, work orders, instructions, customer histories and route changes in real time is a benefit to productivity and efficiency — resulting in minimal technician downtime. With on-demand access to information on their mobile devices, technicians can respond faster to customer needs, upsell services, and comply more easily with any applicable health, safety or environmental regulations. Instant access lets technicians avoid extra trips to the office and customers’ homes, and helps improve the overall workforce — and service — experience.

3. Enhanced compliance

Your firm needs to comply with an evolving variety of health, safety and environmental regulations that vary by state, region, and type of industry — making secure transactional data capture and an accurate paper trail vitally important. Technicians equipped with mobile printers can seamlessly print out any required leave-behinds, ranging from a detailed list of the chemicals used in remediation, to inspection reports, material information sheets, and pesticide warning labels.


4. Satisfied customers

On-demand access to information, via their mobile devices, improves technicians’ responsiveness to customer needs. It also streamlines their ability to resolve issues and answer questions on the spot. Eliminating the need to handwrite documents means problems can be resolved more rapidly; technicians can move on to the next job promptly, which helps increase overall productivity and makes customers happy.

5. Competitive advantage

By supporting highly responsive customer service, efficiently meeting customer compliance needs, and improving technician productivity, mobile technology can help bolster your brand and professional image, giving you a valuable competitive edge in gaining and retaining clients. Photograph your technicians using them in the field, and use those snapshots on social media and in marketing materials to build your reputation as a company that is serious about quality and efficiency.

PANJWANI is VP of marketing and product development for Brother Mobile Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Brother International Corp. Learn more at BrotherMobileSolutions.com.


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