Evaluate exposures to prevent wildlife from entering homes


January 9, 2020

Alan Huot, President, Wildlife Control Supplies

Alan Huot, President, Wildlife Control Supplies

Most customers don’t realize exposures that exist in their homes for wildlife to get in, until they have an unwelcomed guest. You got the call and scheduled the appointment; now maximize your visit opportunity with add-on services.

When assessing the immediate problem, be observant and check for potential exposure points. When performing your inspection, carry a digital camera or inspection camera to document your findings. Ask yourself:

  • Is a chimney cap in place?
  • Are exhaust vents protected and clean of debris?
  • Are garage and entry door seals or gaskets tight?
  • Are there chewing or footprint marks on or around the house?
  • Are the gutters clogged?

The best time to point out other exposures and get customer buy-in to protect these areas is when you’re handling a current problem, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Show customers the weak spots around their property, and be prepared to address the issues quickly. They won’t want another problem. If you can prevent a future issue, customers will be appreciative, and most will look to fix problem areas as soon as possible.

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