Consider lure or attractant on cockroach monitors


March 14, 2020

Chris Ernst, Brand Strategy Director, Catchmaster

Chris Ernst, Brand Strategy Director, Catchmaster

Don’t forget monitoring as part of your integrated pest management (IPM) program for cockroaches. Monitoring will help determine the exact type of cockroach for which you should treat, as well as the effectiveness of your treatments. In addition, glue boards can indicate the direction of travel, population size and proximity to potential nesting sites. For example, if you are getting a lot of juveniles, that would indicate the nest is most likely nearby. Most glue boards can be folded to provide cover in dusty and dirty areas where cockroaches are likely to be found.

Consider using a lure or attractant on your cockroach monitors. University tests have shown that using cockroach lures can increase the effectiveness of monitors by 65 percent.

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