Pi Chi Omega closes scholarships at 5 p.m. Eastern


April 15, 2020

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At close of business today (5 p.m. Eastern), national industry fraternity Pi Chi Omega will close the window on accepting scholarship applications for students in the field of urban and industrial pest management – or some closely related field of study.

Both current and past scholarship recipients are also eligible to apply for a 2020 scholarship, the options of which include:

  • John Osmun Scholarship – $3,000
  • Founders Scholarship – $2,000
  • Austin Frishman Scholarship – $2,000
  • Alain VanRyckeghem Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
  • Norm Ehmann Scholarship – $2,000

Eligible students are currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate college students interested in urban or industrial pest management. Completed applications are due close of business on April 15, 2020. Click here for an application. For questions, call Pi Chi Omega at 540-376-3617.

As reported on earlier this year, a $20,000 donation was given anonymously in memory of Norm Ehmann, which added a $2,000 scholarship to the 2020 program. The Norm Ehmann Scholarship will be awarded for 10 years, unless additional funds are raised. Plans are already in progress to raise an additional $30,000 to make the scholarship permanent. (To donate to the scholarship program, click here.)

In addition, a $6,000 donation came this year from the Orkin Franchise Owners Association (OFOA) to honor retired PMP columnist Dr. Austin “Doc” Frishman.


Founded in 1950 on the campus of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., Pi Chi Omega is comprised of nearly 450 members representing 38 states and four foreign countries. Members are interdisciplinary in scope; they cover a broad spectrum of disciplines, including:

  • Entomologists
  • Vertebrate Pest Specialists
  • Corporate Technical Directors
  • Equipment and Pesticide Product Specialists
  • Company Owners and Managers
  • Sanitarians
  • Business and Marketing Specialists
  • Consultants
  • Researchers
  • Journalists and Publishers

Its stated mission is to “connect and enrich the urban pest management community.” Its stated vision is “a collaborative environment in which technical knowledge is shared by engaged members, elevating the professionalism of the urban pest management community.” To that end, Pi Chi Omega focuses on four strategic activities:

  1. Networking
  2. Mentoring
  3. Recognition
  4. Scholarships and Grants


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