Go-Forth Pest Control acquires local film team


May 13, 2020


Last month, High Point, N.C.-based Go-Forth Pest Control made an unusual acquisition: It purchased Process Pictures, a three-person film production company based in Winston-Salem, N.C.

But upon reflection, the acquisition makes a lot of sense. As third-generation owner Chase Hazelwood explained in a news release,“When we hired our new director of marketing, Gary Corns, last month, he immediately got together with our digital marketing director, Logan Torres, and together they established that a pressing objective was to create modern, impactful video content for both internal and external marketing. Meanwhile, we had hired Process Pictures to begin working on a training video so that we could virtually train our new hires and adhere to social distancing orders. We discovered that Process Pictures, traditionally a documentary crew, was facing a big challenge as they were unable to produce on-site corporate videos during the pandemic. So basically, a conversation started about how Go-Forth had a need for a lot of video content and Process Pictures was unable to produce for other clients at this time, and that led to an agreement to combine forces.”

In January, the 61-year-old, family-owned Go-Forth relocated to a new, 24,000-square-foot location, so there is “plenty of space at our new building for the film crew’s team members, equipment and editing space,” according to Hazelwood. “Process Picture’s team members now have a dedicated workspace located with the rest of our marketing team.”

Because Go-Forth has team members throughout the Tar Heel State, Hazelwood said, video will become “an engaging way to onboard new branches into our culture, consistently train our team, reinforce our values, and create a sense of connection despite physical distance. By having our own dedicated film team, I envision us being able to rapidly produce a large quantity of high-quality videos that we otherwise would not have had the resources to produce. I think it will enhance our employees’ experience in many ways. Videos have a way of conveying emotions that emails simply cannot.”

Corns points out that video-based marketing messages will be a boon for consumer exposure, too.

“Homeowners are eager for quick ways to learn about our brand and services, and don’t have the time to read a lengthy website,” he noted in the news release. “Video is a perfect way to communicate what differentiates our customer experience from the competition.”

The Go-Forth Film Production team’s first project was, naturally, to introduce themselves to the rest of the Go-Forth team. Watch it here.


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