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May 27, 2020



The Clendenin Consulting Group is now offering “How To Grow Your Company Exponentially,” a 20-hour business growth course delivered at the client’s convenience and desired pace.

The course is a product of coaching owners and building companies over the last 40 years. This newly developed course is designed to teach and share the strategies and action-steps for pest control companies to achieve double-digit growth on a sustained, annual basis. The suggested timeframe for finishing the course is four months. This allows for process improvement and continual-improvement action steps being implemented during the cumulative learning period.

Greg Clendenin, CEO of The Clendenin Consulting Group, was previously the CEO of Middleton Lawn and Pest Control from 1996-2005. During his tenure there, Middleton grew from $8 million to $35 million in annual revenue without acquisitions. The results were adding $27 million of organic revenue in 9 years and becoming the 14th largest pest control company in the nation at that time.

During Clendenin’s time as COO for Sears Authorized Termite and Pest Control (1989-1996), the company’s revenue grew from $35 million to $100 million, with only 1.5 percent of the growth from acquisitions. Sears Authorized Termite and Pest Control was the country’s largest privately owned company at that time.

The course is comprised of several learning platforms, such as:

  1. A survey to help The Clendenin Consulting Group to get to know you and your company better, i.e., how your company is structured, service strategies, how your company conducts business, owner’s goals, etc.
  2. A 100-page book on the subject of growing your company exponentially year after year. The book contains review quizzes and exams to support comprehension, retainment and cumulative learning. These “tests” are sent to The Clendenin Consulting Group for review and feedback for the client.
  3. Online training videos. Links will be provided for the client to review training videos.
  4. Customized practical applications and action-items for the client’s specific business. The Clendenin Consulting Group will collaborate with the client on implementation, execution and measuring results.
  5. Minimum of 15 hours of personal, one-on-one phone, email, online meetings or text conversations with CEO Greg Clendenin.

The Clendenin Consulting Group will only take 10 clients at a time in this program to ensure that each receives the necessary time and attention for successfully completing the program and seeing its benefits in their top and bottom lines. First course offering begins in late June. Registering for the course begins immediately.

The Clendenin Consulting Group also represents and advises sellers through the acquisition process.


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