Create a strong mosquito management program


June 10, 2020

Craig Martelle, Northeast Sales Manager, J.T. Eaton

Craig Martelle, Northeast Sales Manager, J.T. Eaton

Controlling mosquitoes can be challenging because they reproduce rapidly and in high numbers. Females lay 50 to 500 eggs. They also can transmit diseases to humans. It only takes standing water to start the mosquito life cycle, so a strong management program is important.

Find and eliminate sources of standing water. Clogged downspouts, old tires, voids in trees, septic tank vents and open trash cans are all points of infestation. Tall weeds also can hold or hide water sources that can become ideal mosquito breeding grounds. Mowing tall weeds and grass helps airflow, to dry these areas out.

To treat, apply a larvicide, an insect growth regulator or an adulticide via fogging or misting to help manage the population. The use of repellents for your techs and homeowners also will help prevent mosquito bites.

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Northeast Sales Manager, J.T. Eaton

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