Eliminate termites at their source


July 28, 2020

Marcie Downing, Marketing Development Specialist, Corteva

Marcie Downing, Marketing Development Specialist, Corteva

When it comes to earning homeowner trust, the strongest defense against a termite infestation — and the strongest insurance for customer retention — is the promise of total colony elimination. Consider the following to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to eliminate termites at their source:

  • Recognize termite behavior. Any technician can find evidence of an infestation: mud tubes, half-eaten tree stumps and termite wings all tell a story. True termite professionals go beyond the signs, looking for conducive conditions such as moisture, wood-to-ground contact, and other areas that can and should be treated preventatively before an infestation occurs.
  • Treat where signs of active and inactive infestations are present. Bait stations equipped with noviflumuron, for example, can be used anywhere termites are active around or under the home, including on fences or outbuildings, to create a continuous “ring of protection” around a structure.
  • Involve the homeowner. Total colony elimination is a two-part process. After eliminating the colony, inform homeowners of the value of continuous protection to ensure retention and prevent future infestation.

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