Pay attention to proper subterranean termite treatment


July 30, 2020

Brian Mount

Brian Mount, BCE, Technical Service Manager, FMC Corp.

A proper subterranean termite treatment requires attention to detail, both before and during application. Following an established process and having the right equipment makes treatments efficient and effective.

  1. Make a thorough inspection and diagram of the structure. The diagram should include the location of termites, damage, wells, in-slab HVAC ducts/components, French drains, etc.
  2. Make an accurate measurement of the structure. Don’t just “walk it off.” Use a measuring device so you can determine how much product you will need.
  3. Use a treatment pump that is properly calibrated and/or equipped with a flow meter. This is highly recommended, and may be required in some states.
  4. Have an array of spray tips on hand. You should have injection, three-way, five-way and others for use in block, under-slab, or soil treatments.

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Brian Mount, BCE

Brian Mount, BCE, is the urban product development lead at FMC Professional Solutions.

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