Get customers involved in spider prevention


August 10, 2020

I remember dealing with spiders a lot when I was a tech, especially in neighborhoods with wooded or grassy areas near a creek.

Imagine a home sitting on a hillside with lush vegetation, landscape lighting, and large trees touching the structure. Spiders will seek any opportunity to build their webs near these outdoor lights; active hunters will search the grounds near a doorway or a window for a chance to snack on prey.

It’s important to thoroughly inspect outside and inside the structure. Look for openings, gaps, and damaged window screens and weather stripping. Also inspect low β€” under decking, windows sills and patio furniture β€” and high β€” under eaves and light fixtures. When selecting a pesticide, use microencapsulated products for longer protection. By eliminating the food source, you can also reduce the population; thus, pay attention to other insects in the area and use broad-spectrum insecticides.

A dual focus on exterior pest control and customer education is key. Get your customers involved. They have spent more time at home in recent months, so they can direct you to where pests might be hiding and/or entering. Provide creative ideas and get them to work on weekend projects that will help reduce conducive conditions and make their homes pest-proof.


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Dr. Freder Medina, BCE, Technical Market Manager, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions

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