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August 25, 2020



On PMPPestTalk.net this month, you’ll find a blog post by Paul Bello, ACE, BCE, and president of PJB Pest Management Consulting in Alpharetta, Ga. Bello was inspired to write it after receiving requests from social workers, visiting nurses and other in-home care providers who wanted to protect themselves from picking up bed bugs at clients’ homes.

If a homeowner calls you for an ant problem, for example, and you know the resident works in a home services field, talk to the customer and share literature about how taking home bed bugs is a risk with every home entered — and provide tips to help the customer lower that risk.

(Read his blog post here: Bed bug advice for your home healthcare clients)

Research included in this month’s cover story ties into this topic. A study of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel finds that many of them frequently come into contact with bed bugs. But not all of them take steps to remove the source and lower the risk.

Private ambulance services, funeral homes, fire stations — if you count these among your accounts — have you talked to them about the risks of bed bug infestations? What about the residential accounts that have EMS workers living there? Do they realize you can help them prevent hitchhiking bed bugs? Become a partner in their protection, and you’ll build loyalty for life.

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